Consultant Kirk Chewning Details a Better Way to Manage Personal Finances

As a co-founder of consulting firm Cane Bay Partners, Kirk Chewning uses his skills, knowledge, and experience to solve problems for some of the world’s largest financial services companies. Having so much professional background in finance also makes Chewning especially well qualified to weigh in on matters of far more personal kinds. On his WordPress blog, he detailed a well-grounded way anyone can take their own finances to the next level.

A Simple Financial Strategy That Consistently Produces Results

Many people struggle with how to manage their finances, and some difficulty is probably to be expected from time to time. Almost any household where financial issues keep cropping up, though, is likely a place where some simple adjustments could make a real difference.

Chewning listed a number of these in a detailed post on his personal blog. While that report delves far more deeply into the issues, some of the general points emphasize the importance of issues like:

  • Self-control. Many financial problems that households face can ultimately be traced back to a lack of discipline. Self-indulgent or simply unplanned spending has a way of upsetting even the most carefully formulated plans. Learning how to develop more self-control when it comes to spending money can end up being one of the most powerful financial tools of all. Having enough self-control in place will make it much easier to keep up with budgeting and saving over time.
  • Understanding. Oftentimes, individuals and households who regularly grapple with financial stress have only the fuzziest of ideas as to the causes. Taking a detailed inventory of regular and occasional spending will inevitably produce plenty of useful insights. Even something as simple as an ongoing log of spending can later be analyzed to highlight areas that could use improvement.
  • Education. While it is not necessary to become a financial whiz to balance a household budget, learning never hurts. Understanding more about how best to use financial tools like loans and investments will inevitably pay off in the future.

Valuable Advice From an Expert

With the blog entry in question containing many more specific, detailed tips, it should be clear that there are plenty of ways of better managing personal finances. Just about anyone who sometimes struggles with finances will do well to read Chewning’s post.