Are Debt Consolidation Loans Really Worth It?

A low credit score can prevent consumers from accessing the financial services they need to purchase homes or new cars. It can also have a substantial impact on the kinds of interest rates they are offered by lenders.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for improving a poor credit score. Making payments to creditors consistently and on time will improve the scores over time, but this can be difficult for those who have multiple, high-interest loans. Debt consolidation is often the best approach since it can lower interest rates and help debtors stay on top of their payments by consolidating multiple monthly bills into one.

Effect on Credit Scores

As has already been stated, there’s no quick fix for improving credit scores. Debt consolidation can offer long-term benefits provided those who take out these kinds of loans make all of their payments on time and don’t take on additional financial burdens they can’t manage successfully. In the short term, though, it usually will have a negative impact on consumers’ credit scores.

Weighing the Benefits and Costs

The negative effects of debt consolidation loans are temporary. Once consumers have completed the debt consolidation process, their credit reports will stop showing all of those missed and late payments, and they can start working to rebuild their scores. Given that there is no way for readers to change their credit scores for the better overnight, most will find that consolidating the debts is worth it in the long term even if their credit scores take a temporary hit.

What to Look Out For

There are several ways to consolidate debt and a wide variety of companies out there offering to help. Not all of these companies have their customers’ best interests in mind, though. Some consolidation loans come with unreasonably high interest rates, while others require consumers to put up their homes or other assets as collateral. When deciding who to work with, it’s a good idea for readers to first determine the average amount of interest they pay on current loans so they can compare this average to the interest charged by other lenders.

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